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Savvy, innovative C-Level Executive with experience leading organizations, providing expert business transformation services and cutting-edge technology solutions for multiple organizations servicing the disability community. Ability to streamline organizational production through restructuring of policies and procedures, operations, finances, customer service ratings and team productivity. Maintain an uncompromising focus on high quality standards, and excel at turning individuals into teams that exceed all expectations. Promoted to positions of increasing authority and responsibility because of strong leadership skills, teamwork, customer service and overall performance. Exceptional academic qualifications, including pursuit of a Master of Arts degree in Disability Studies from City University of New York (2016).




Both as a person with a disability and a parent of child with a disability you have to get creative to come up with our own solutions. This project explores and documents many of these endeavors

A social network that aims to connect the broad disability community together in a safe and open community online to share our collective knowledge and life

A directory of news and events local to each town, with Houston the first to launch, which will send weekly newsletters to its members and keep a calendar of events and news.


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